A Hampton Roads real estate buyer needs a good agentIf you’re considering buying a new home, you might start feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of details you have to keep track of as a Hampton Roads real estate buyer. There’s a simple answer to this feeling of overwhelm--hire a Hampton Roads real estate agent. Having an experienced agent in your corner will alleviate a lot of the stress and uncertainty of buying a home, especially if you’re a first-time buyer or are moving in from out of the area.

You’ll want to interview at least three possible agents to make sure you have an agent who’s a good fit. You should be able to trust your agent and communicate well. Once you’ve chosen an agent, you’ll want to sit down and start getting your financing in place. If you haven’t picked a lender already, your agent can suggest a few that can work with you and your needs. In fact, one of the biggest ancillary services you get from a real estate agent is trustworthy recommendations for everything from lenders to plumbers to lawn services.

An Experienced Hampton Roads Real Estate Agent Will Help Refine Your Criteria

As your financing falls into place, it’s time to hash out your “must haves” for your house. A Hampton Roads real estate buyer who doesn’t know the area well will be able to make use of the vast experience a local agent will have. The agent will help you prioritize the size of the house and yard, good public schools, shopping, and commute time to work.

Once you’ve ironed out what you really want and need, the agent will be able to comb listings and send you possibilities. When you’re ready to start touring the houses in person, your agent will come with you and be able to point out both strengths and possible issues with the house.

Choosing a house is not the end of the process. Your agent will negotiate a good price for you and also hammer out details like who pays closing costs and what repairs the seller agrees to do. In addition, the agent will get necessary disclosures and coordinate with inspectors and other professionals. Finally, your agent will walk you through all the paperwork necessary to close on a house.

The really cool thing about a buyer’s agent is that they get paid out of the closing costs, which the seller pays. So from the buyer’s point of view, all the services and expertise of their agent is free!

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