Get a good agent for help selling Hampton Roads real estateThe process of selling Hampton Roads real estate is complex, which is why it’s always a good idea to hire an experienced real estate agent. When you start interviewing agents, you want to find someone that you trust and you can communicate with easily. It’s also important to find an agent who is creative and hard working. A house won’t sell itself!

The number one thing a good agent will do for a seller is to help them price the house correctly. It’s impossible to overstate how important this is. Overpriced houses simply sit on the market. The people who are looking for a house like yours will overlook it since it costs too much. The longer a house sits unsold on the market, the more people wonder what’s wrong with it. Often an overpriced house has to be deeply discounted before it’s purchased. A good agent will know the neighborhood well and be able to compare your house to other recently sold houses to come up with a good price for the market.

Your Hampton Roads Real Estate Agent Will Help You Prepare and Price Your House Right

Because a good agent knows the market very well, he or she will know how to prepare and market your home. Some home owners think they have to invest a lot of time and money upgrading the house to the latest trends. This isn’t true, and your agent will be able to tell you what’s really necessary and what you can skip. The agent will also know whether you need professional photography and be able to recommend a good photographer. Most buyers first meet a house online, so good photos are a must.

Speaking of the Internet, if you’re selling Hampton Roads real estate, your agent will need a good digital strategy to market your home effectively. It’s not enough to list it on the MLS. It should be listed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Finally, the seller’s agent will screen out people who don’t have their financing in place. Once you’ve got a serious buyer, your agent will negotiate with them or their agent to get the best deal for you. Really, your agent will be your guide through every step of the home selling process.

I’d be honored to help you sell your home. Give me a call so we can get started!